joanne lee



The Summer Lodge is an opportunity for the Fine Art staff at Nottingham Trent University to utilise the studios and workshops for the development of our own work, and to share these facilities - and discussion - with invited artists from the city. There is no expectation that final outcomes must be realised; rather, it is a chance to test out new ideas or simply to play with materials or processes. During the 2012 residency, I was working in a long, narrow studio space which happened to have a continuous line of tables running its length. I was also assisted by a student intern, Beth Kettel, who really helped me to think differently about how the images I was making might be combined: it was down to her that the sequence below came about, with some of the pictures literally turned on their heads to form a continuous horizon. Perhaps both of us were influenced by the elongated set up, but nearly all the works made during the two week residency displayed rather linear and horizontal properties.