joanne lee


gumming up the works

'Gumming up the works' fantasizes about luminous constellations of dropped chewing gum on the street, confronts a horrible compulsion to seek out the hard stuff glued under desks or in the recesses of train carriages before finding itself fixated upon various species of lumps, heaps and piles: ultimately the essay explores creative work as a sort of digestion or composting, and suggests we have quite a lot to learn from worms.


Issue #3 of the Pam Flett Press, features a spoken word essay, listenable/downloadable from Soundcloud. (If you prefer to read rather than listen, you can download/print a pdf transcript of the recording here.)

The essay, which runs to just under an hour of listening time, is accompanied by a printed publication featuring 26000 words of excessive, digressive footnotes (about lichen, large format photography, islands, creative block, binary erotics, fiddling, getting side-tracked, stickiness, shit, disgust, using animals to think with, the Katamari Damacy computer game, tumbleweed methodology, hoarding, clutter, impropriety, rubbish...) the generation of which have become the actual point of the exercise...

The print publication comes with 10 full colour photographic images and a postcard. The print run is 500. A limited edition of 10 copies come with a CD of the audio essay.

Email to get hold of a copy.